UNAIDS 2018 Gala
Basel, Switzerland

UNAIDS is to host its third fundraising dinner and auction to mark the start of Art Basel and Design Miami/ Basel on Monday, 11 June. The event aims to raise much needed funds to support UNAIDS’ work in ensuring access to HIV prevention and treatment services worldwide. There were more than 36 million people living with HIV in 2015. To survive and thrive, everyone living with HIV needs immediate access to treatment, yet only half have access to life-saving medicines and around 40% of people living with HIV don’t even know they have the virus. UNAIDS is working to ensure that people can get tested for HIV and access treatment and care if they test positive. New HIV infections are still occurring at an alarmingly high rate. Around 2 million people became infected with HIV in 2015. UNAIDS is working hard to reach the populations most affected by HIV and make sure they have the tools to protect themselves against the virus.